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The bulk power transmission network will move the power long distances, sometimes across international boundaries, until it reaches its wholesale customer (usually the company that owns the local electric power distribution network).

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Given the shift to multi-core thinking, this kind of demanding performance would naturally suggest an explicitly concurrent programming model - and indeed this was their starting point. But the thing that got people's attention at QCon was that this wasn't where they ended up. In fact they ended up by doing all the business logic for their platform: all trades, from all customers, in all markets - on a single thread. A thread that will process 6 million orders per second using commodity hardware. [4]

For value-at-risk analyses, nonsynchronous data complicates the task of assigning a current value 0 p to a portfolio if the current value 0 r of the key factors is collected nonsynchronously. Cross-hedged positions may appear to not be hedged. Arbitrage conditions that should hold may appear to not hold. The resulting value for 0 p may be misleading or even nonsensical.

Our OSA 5410 Series supports Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS) for the most stringent timing applications. An internal high-quality oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) or a rubidium oscillator option enable extended holdover capabilities.

“At least some of the slowing may be ascribed to bad weather in some northern regions and, perhaps more importantly, ‘growing pains’ resulting from the strength of the recent growth spurt. Supply chain delays and raw material shortages were often reported to have stymied production in manufacturing (delays in German supply chains are currently more widespread than at any time in the survey’s 22-year history), and both manufacturing and services sectors also saw activity being curtailed by growing incidences of skill shortages. Backlogs of work continue to rise as a result of these growth constraints.

Company Advantage . Founded in 1984, FULONG covers 45,000 square meters with over 350 staff. As a national high-tech enterprise now, we passed ISO9001 ...

A wheeling charge is a currency per megawatt-hour amount that a transmission owner receives for the use of its system to export energy. The total amount due in TAC fees is determined by the equation Total wheeling fee = Wc ($/MWh) * Pw (MW) * t (h)

1. Power over coaxial cable (PoC) and Control over Coaxial (CoC) to supply power to all 4 cameras and control the cameras- saves additional cabling cost for power cables.

2. DoubleReach - doubles the video transmission distance

Futures contracts are very similar to forward contracts, except they are exchange-traded and thus defined on standardized assets. A forex swap is a simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates (normally spot to forward). In general a swap could be considered as a portfolio of spot/forward contracts, concluded by the same parties. Relating to FX-swaps value date is a date of initial deal execution and a date of reverse deal closure is called swap termination or maturity date. Commonly swaps are arranged for a period less than one year.

Gates designs and manufacturers our industrial drives with your mobile machinery’s efficiency, durability, and performance in mind. Find industrial drive solutions for a range of power transmission applications, from heavy duty construction, mining, and agriculture machinery to powering your vacuum cleaners, lawn & garden mowers, outdoor equipment, and much more.

Thanks Javin for reply. I am using the Synchronous Queue and by testing I realised only one consumer is able to consume the message. So that's what I was looking for.
Earlier I thought of having separate queue for each consumer, however that will defeat the purpose I want to achieve. Producer in my case is producing about million message hour and I want to process those message in parallel. For this purpose, I need multiple worker/consumers and at the same time I want to make sure no two consumer receive the same messages.
I hope I am making sense here.

Receives an AS2 message containing an EDI interchange over HTTP from the trading partner Fabrikam, and decode the interchange from EDIINT/AS2.


Ac Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor manufacturers.

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