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Install and Set Up kubectl - Kubernetes

You must use a C compiler to build the OpenSSL library. You cannot use a C++ compiler. Later, once the library is built, it is OK to create user programs with a C++ compiler. But the library proper must be built with a C compiler.

Power Pivot server operations, events, and messages are recorded in SharePoint log files. Use the information in this topic to configure logging levels and ...

Use the Kubernetes command-line tool, kubectl , to deploy and manage applications on Kubernetes. Using kubectl, you can inspect cluster resources; create, delete, and update components; look at your new cluster; and bring up example apps.

Actually Mindstorms EV3 only supports Netgear N150 Wireless Adapter (WNA1100) . It is a big ugly and black WiFi dongle that will make your robot looks like a plane with just one wing. The other option is using Edimax dongle, that it is world’s smallest WiFi USB card.

2. Scroll to the Binary file section, and upload your new binary file (APK). Make sure to increment the version code of your app as well as follow the guidelines in Build your APKs and Configure the Android Manifest .

If you installed to the default location, the configuration file is located in one of the following directories:

This setting overrides the exact position on your screen where the display output appears. If you have a custom projector setup, click the Override display position checkbox, and manually set the position of the display output using the X , Y , Width and Height values.


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