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To adjust your bike seat's height, look for a quick-release lever at the base of the seat, pry it open, and adjust it higher or lower as needed. For bolted seats, use an Allen key or wrench to loosen the bolt and then adjust the height up or down. If you need to adjust the seat forward or backward, loosen the bolt underneath, then move the seat into the desired position and tighten the bolt. To change the angle, loosen the bolts on the side, adjust, then tighten the bolts firmly in place again.

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To adjust your handlebars, loosen the stem cap before using an Allen Key to take off the bolts on either side of the stem. Then, pull the stem off of the bike frame and lay the handlebars on a table or chair to avoid damaging the brake and gear cables. To increase or decrease the height, add or remove circular risers as required. When you get the height you want, replace the stem, insert the stem cap bolt and tighten it by hand, line up the handlebars with your front wheel, and tighten the side bolts to finish.

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The car is easier to drive since the clutch was adjusted. I adjusted the volume on the radio. She adjusted the car seat so she could reach the pedals.

Almost all modern derailleurs function the same basic way. They are designed to move (or derail) the chain from one sprocket to the next. The upper guide pulley (or jockey pulley ) moves the chain in both directions. For instance, when you want to climb a hill, you shift down to a lower gear. This pulls the shift cable and forces the guide pulley to change to a bigger sprocket. When you want to go faster, you adjust the shifter to a higher gear. This releases shift cable tension and allows the derailleur springs to pull the guide pulley back down to a smaller gear. Each time you shift gears, the length of chain changes. The lower tension pulley is spring-loaded to take up this slack.

Finding the right soil pH is important for the health of your plants. A proper pH determines how efficiently the plants absorb nutrients. In order to adjust your soil’s pH, you first need to determine what changes to make. If you need to increase the acidity or lower the pH , there are a number of common compounds that you can add to bring about the desired change. You can also raise the pH if you have overly acidic soil by adding a liming material or another base compound. Once you have properly evaluated your soil and applied the right material, you should have healthy and productive plants.

Make sure that your baking powder has not passed its "use by" or "best before" date as baking powder also has a finite life and if it is old you may find that your cakes don't rise.

Open basement window wells are accidents waiting to happen and window well grates are the most effective solution for keeping your home safe. Finding a grate that fits and is reasonably priced however, has been difficult. Why? Window wells (even on the same home) can be slightly different sizes and shapes as a result of the backfilling process. This prevents the creation of standard size grates, and explains why homeowners just can’t go anywhere and buy window well covers that fit.

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Start by giving the cable some slack. Tighten the lever's barrel adjuster in all the way. Then pull the protective rubber back and disconnect the brake cable's quick release mechanism.

For instance, you may have weighed your motor home with only 10 gallons of diesel fuel, but it holds a total of 60 gallons. In this case enter the weighed GVW in the first field and enter 50 in the Adjust diesel field.

To adjust the left stop, simply turn the screw on top clockwise to increase angle (40-360). A quarter of a turn increases it approximately 90 degrees. To adjust spray distance, locate small screw on the top of nozzle. Turn counter clockwise to increase spay or clockwise to decrease spray distance.


The application window can be minimized as an icon in the notification area of the taskbar (system tray) that indicates the current brightness level of the main display. Notification area icon also shows current brightness in a tool tip.


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