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The northeastern tip of South America, Cape São Roque , 20 miles (32 km) to the north of Natal and the closest point to Europe from Latin America, was first visited by European navigators in 1501, in the 1501–1502 Portuguese expedition led by Amerigo Vespucci , who named the spot after the saint of the day. For decades thereafter, no permanent European settlement was established in the area, inhabited by the Potiguar tribe .

A minimum of eight teams will progress from the Nazaré Beach Soccer Cup to the main competition over the course of the weekend before the Euro Winners Cup gets underway at the start of the following week.

Alberto Santos-Dumont (Portuguese: [awˈbɛʁtu ˈsɐ̃tuz duˈmõ]; 20 July 1873 – 23 July 1932, usually referred to as simply Santos-Dumont) was a ...

Santos-Dumont was born on 20 July 1873 in Cabangu in the Brazilian town of Palmira (today named Santos Dumont ) in the state of Minas Gerais in southeast Brazil . He was youngest of the seven children born to Henrique Dumont, an engineer of French descent, and Francisca de Paula Santos. Santos-Dumont's father managed a coffee plantation on land owned by his wife's family, and later bought land in Ribeirão Preto on which he established a plantation of his own. [3] His extensive use of labor-saving inventions earned him a fortune, and he was known for a time as the " Coffee King of Brazil ."

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Tony, a Latin dance instructor with high cholesterol and an even higher belief in his own sex appeal, is a big fish in the small pond of his elderly dancing students. But when his family's dance studio is in danger of falling into the hands of his arch enemy he's got to compete against the big boys in high-stakes competition.

Columbus was an Italian -born navigator sailing for the Crown of Castile in search of a westward route to Asia, to access the sources of spices and other oriental goods. This led instead to a discovery of the New World between Europe and Asia. Columbus made a total of four voyages to the Americas between 1492 and 1502, setting the stage for the European exploration and colonization of the Americas, ultimately leading to the Columbian Exchange .


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